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Welcome to Bhatter College, Dantan
Since its inception in the year 1963, the college has been rendering its service of spreading higher education amongst this vast rural population. The college has in the meantime added many new subjects to its curriculum and imparts honours courses in i. Bengali, ii. English, iii. Sanskrit, iv. History, v. Political Science, vi. Philosophy, vii. Geography, viii. Economics ix. Music and x. Education, and General Courses in i. Bengali, ii. English, iii. Sanskrit, iv. History, v. Political Science, vi. Philosophy, vii. Geography, viii. Economics, ix. Music, x. Education, xi. Physical Education, and xii. Mathematics in the Arts Stream, and in the Commerce Stream offers all General subjects and Honours in Financial Accounting. A long awaited dream of the college has been transformed into reality. From this session students will be enrolled in the Science General course with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To make the education affordable and easily accessible to the rural poor students of our college, the College Governing Body has withdrawn course fees and additional tuition fees from all the subjects which were Self-financing in nature earlier. From this session students will have pay less for pursuing subjects like Geography (Hons. & Gen.), Music (Hons. & Gen.), Education (Hons. & Gen.), Physical Education (Gen.) and in the Science stream..
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